As a former teacher, I am heartened by the way Proffessor Johnson, (Bill Hoatson's alter ego) deals with his difficult charges, employing both ingenuity and warmth. Mr. Hoatson obviously feels that curbing ill-considered and inappropriate behavior without damaging spirit is of paramount consideration.
Patricia Schaaf
Former Teacher- North Ft. Myers, FL

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Support and learn about Bill's efforts to instill his humane and effective teaching methods, in the home and in the school, by purchasing one of his books.

Transform the school, transform society.

7 Minute Lecture Series

7 Minute Lecture Series - 1. Introduction

This video introduces Bill Hoatson and the Seven Minute Lecture Series. He discusses his mission to help the struggling student by using proven techniques every teacher should know.

7 Minute Lecture Series - 2. How to Create a Dropout

Bill illustrates how "raising the bar" is an ineffective method of motivating children to learn. He proposes a method that has worked for him in his many years as a teacher to the children others deemed unteachable.

7 Minute Lecture Series - 3. The Phone Call

Learn how Bill Hoatson discovered a simple and highly effective strategy to diffuse a potentially volatile interaction with a student. This technique led to a fundamental change in how he managed his students from that point forward.

A lot of kids have turned complaining about life into an art form. I don't really care as long as it is done on paper, using correct grammar. The heck with a teacher's aide. What every classroom really needs is a school psychologist. Preferably two.
Professor Johnson Unhinged - Section on Teaching

7 Minute Lecture Series


01. Introduction
(7 minute Lectures)

02. How to Create a Dropout
(Positive Behavior Shaping)

03. The Phone Call
(Reward Effort)